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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Recycled, Repurposed, and Fabulous!

It is no surprise that our advancing digital world has made certain tools obsolete. Particularly, this is noticed within the office environment. Paper is no longer a huge necessity in this setting. So what happens to all of the office supplies that are no longer needed? Things like paper clips and rubber bands and binding are just tossed out. Architect and designer Margarita Mileva has taken on this issue in her work as a fashion and jewelry designer. She has recycled these materials from her own office and repurposed them as functional works of art in her jewelry line called M2. Not only are her pieces interesting in concept, but they are also aesthetically intriguing. She manages to take something simple, something everyone would know, and make it intricate and unrecognizable. Below are a couple of examples of her necklaces and a dress. Of the necklaces one is made from rubber bands and the other is constructed with paper clips and wire binding. The dress is put together entirely from rubber bands.

Mileva's innovative work is meant not only to be aesthetic, but the artist intends for them to be conversation starters; bringing awareness to the nature of disposability in our country. Her approach is inspiring to me. There is no question that Americans produce the most waste in this world and finding a purpose for things that don't necessarily have to go to the dump is a first step toward change. There is no doubt that I will be following Margarita Mileva's work in the future.

M2 products are one of a kind and come in many vibrant color combinations. Mileva sells her pieces on Etsy. Also if you are looking for more information on Mileva and all of her achievements, check out her website here.

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